Thorp Holmes, born in County of Cambridge, April 24, 1777

Born at Wisbech, opposite the southeast corner of Lincolnshire. His father seems to have come from Caythorpe on the Cliff Road from London to the Humber. He married Millicent Taylor (Jan. 12, 1791-June 26, 1877) Married Sept. 9, 1811. The two of them moved from Grantham, Lincolnshire to Canada around 1830 They had 12 children
  1. Thorp Holmes 2nd - August 16, 1812 i) Thorp Holmes 2nd was referred to in WRR notes as "grandfather of mother Dougan," but he seems to be a brother of Samuel Holmes, mother DouganÕs father. This is likely a confusion of TH I and TH II.
  2. Theodosia Holmes, March 7, 1814
  3. Frederick Holmes, Nov. 29, 1815
  4. Samuel Holmes, Nov. 1, 1817-Jan. 1, 1874
  5. Josiah Holmes, 1819
  6. Charles Holmes, Nov. 29, 1821
  7. Edward Holmes, July 27, 1823
  8. John Taylor Holmes, Feb. 12, 1825
  9. Harriet Dilly Holmes, Nov. 26, 1826-May 23, 1849
  10. Helen Holmes, Jan. 3, 1829
  11. Reuben Holmes, Dec. 22, 1830
  12. Elizabeth Hester Holmes, Sept. 1, 1833-Oct. 5, 1853 i) Married someone named Leavenworth

Samuel Holmes, "mother Dougan's father," Nov. 1, 1817 - Jan. 1, 1874.

He died in St. Catharines, Ontario, and was buried at Welland Port in the old Presbyterian cemetery. Married Mary Ann Halliday, Jan. 5th, 1842. Married in the stone church in Thorold, Ontario. Mary died Feb. 13, 1865 and was also buried in Welland Port. She was the daughter of Jane "Sprout" Halliday i) from Tyrone, N. Ireland
  1. Dilly Coleman Holmes, 30th Sept., 1842-1935 or 1936 Lived in Welland Port all his life.
  2. Samuel Thorp Holmes, Jan. 23, 1845
  3. Millicent Helenor Holmes, April 9, 1847
  4. Mary Ann Holmes, Feb. 3, 1850 - 1940
  5. Harriet Theodosia Holmes, Feb. 6, 1853-July 26, 1853
  6. Charles Williams Holmes, Oct. 3, 1854
  7. George Frank Holmes, April 19, 1857 - August 4, 1857
  8. Ada Jane Holmes, Oct. 14, 1858
  9. George Frank Holmes, August 6, 1862. May have been the Frank Holmes living in Sacramento

Mary Ann Holmes ("mother Dougan"), born Feb. 3, 1850 died Å 1940

Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, which is just north of Niagara Falls. Married James Dougan from St. Leonard's, County Down, Ulster. He was a Protestant who was a carpenter and became a developer in Seattle. They had at least two children. Based upon later correspondence with Will Dougan and with George Revelle, there were at least 2 children.
  1. Ella Dougan
  2. Will Dougan in Victoria, B.C. i) Married Elizabeth
    1. Alice Dougan
    2. Charles Dougan
Mother Dougan seems to have owned the Waldorf Hotel in Seattle. There were unclear tax consequences of a gift of the hotel to her daughter (Ella) and son. There is voluminous correspondence from WRR to his brother George about how to settle this matter. The long term lease expiring in 2004. The eventual resolution is unknown (by me). Some of this correspondence was also handled by Keith Ferguson. I believe that sometime in the mid Ō50s this interest was sold off.

Ella Dougan born 1874; died 1938

. Born in Union City, Washington and was a college graduate. She married William Roger Revelle. She died of uterine cancer in 1967. They had two children:
  1. Roger Randall Dougan Revelle, born March 3, 1909, died July 15, 1991
  2. Eleanor Revelle (1914-1967) Married William Stackhouse (later divorced) and had 3 children
    1. Lawrence Stackhouse
    2. Stephen Stackhouse
    3. Bruce Stackhouse
Ella had TB, and therefore William Roger and she moved from the wet climate of Seattle to the dryer climate of Pasadena. Ella was somewhat eccentric (according to ECR). She died of typhoid fever in 1938.
Prepared as part of the history of the Scripps, Clark, Revelle, and Dougan families by William Revelle.
This is compiled from information gathered by WRR I and kept by WRR II in Evanston. Apparently WRR did this because Eleanor Stackhouse wanted to show a relationship to Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oliver Wendell HolmesÕ family, however, moved to America earlier than our branch did. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., the Supreme Court JusticeÕs father, was born in Cambridge in 1809.) Much of our family information is from a letter from "cousin Fanny" Trotter of Caledonia, Canada, to WRR.
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